Move your Body

A few years ago my husband, Ray, and I were visiting family in up-state New York for Thanksgiving. After dinner, Ray’s uncle Joe said, “Man I just need to go move my body after all of that food!” The comment really struck a chord with me; it was such a simple yet insightful statement. In today’s world we spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting at work, sitting while on the computer or watching TV, sitting in traffic to and from work – it is very easy to forget the importance of finding time in your day to be active, or as Joe would say, “move your body.”

My fitness routine typically includes three workouts during the week. One workout is cardio-based and the other two are focused on strength training. On the weekends I don’t stress about going to the gym, but rather take Joe’s advice and find ways to incorporate being active into my  plans. Ray and I will often walk to get breakfast, go for a bike ride, hike, or play beach volleyball with friends.

A few weekends ago, Ray and I were not feeling motivated to do anything and spent the morning drinking coffee and hanging out on the couch. While Ray and I were enjoying our lazy morning on the couch our puppy, Cooper, wasn’t and started to get restless. Ray and I decided to get out of the house for a little bit and go for a hike with Cooper (hoping to expend some puppy energy).

If you live in the San Diego area, Cowles Mountain is a great hike and worth checking out.  Cowles Mountain is the highest peak within San Diego County so it will get your heart rate up. Roundtrip the hike is about 3 miles. For more information about hiking Cowles Mountain check this website out

Cooper was happy to be outside and walking, but it was a hot day and he was having some trouble dealing with the heat. He walked from one shady spot to the next the whole way up and he drank most of our water. Ray even had to give him a pep talk or two.

photo shade cooper

Even though it was hot we all made it!

photo (us )

Despite being pretty tired from the first half of the hike, Cooper did muster up some energy on the way down to chase after a bird. I let go of the leash for one second to drink some water and the next thing I knew Cooper was charging into the bushes. Ray had to go running after him and lure him out!

photo (1)

After hiking Cowles Mountain with Ray and Cooper, I was a sweaty mess and I definitely felt like I had gotten some great exercise.  I think it is important to remember that exercising doesn’t always have to involve going to the gym, lifting weights or a cardio machine but rather can be as simple as finding ways to “move your body.”


5 thoughts on “Move your Body

  1. What a great hike and Cooper is so cute. There are some great hiking spots around SF that I’m going to try out soon.

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