Nothing Like a Brownie on a Cold Day

One of the shows that Ray and I love to watch together is American Horror Story on FX.  I hate scary movies and I usually refuse to watch them with Ray, but for some reason I don’t mind watching American Horror Story. The show is creepy, slightly disturbing, and has some pretty gruesome scenes.  To be honest, I am not sure why I like it but every season has sucked me in and I can’t help but watch it. Last night was the premiere of the new season of American Horror Story Coven and Ray and I had been looking forward to watching it all week.

Yesterday was the first rainy and cold day San Diego has had in a long time.  I figured with the premiere  of American Horror Story and the gloomy weather it was the perfect excuse to try a new brownie recipe I had discovered a few days ago.

I am a frequent reader of the blog, The Fitnessista, and the author recently posted a recipe for Black Forest Paleo Brownies. I have not gotten into the Paleo craze and I have not had much luck with other Paleo recipes I have tried in the past. However, the combination of chocolate and cherries intrigued me and looked too good to pass up.

The recipe was easy to follow and didn’t take very long to make. I did substitute oat flour for almond meal/flour because I don’t  like the consistency of almond meal/flour. Next time I make these brownies, I would spend more time grinding up the shredded coconut into flour.  I got lazy and skipped that step, so I ended up with strands of coconut in my brownie batch…whoops! The brownies (even with the strands of coconut) turned out really well and were delicious. They totally hit the spot.


A warm brownie, good TV, and my two favorite guys- Ray & Cooper- was the perfect way to spend the night.

P.S. The sunflowers are from my wonderful husband. He surprised me with them the other day.


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