Road Trip to Arizona

About two weeks ago Ray and I took a road trip to Phoenix, Arizona for a family wedding. Wendy (Ray’s sister) was marrying her high school sweetheart, Hunter. Wendy and Hunter started dating  shortly after Ray and I did, which was almost 8 years ago.

Our drive to San Diego was pretty uneventful and we made great time. Cooper slept the whole time while Ray and I chatted and listened to music.

photo (79)Being in the car for long  periods of time always makes me want to snack.  With endless signs for fast food and all of the candy and chip options at the gas stations, it makes it hard for me to make healthy snack choices. Knowing my tendencies to want to snack on road trips, I always try and bring a few healthy snack options and lots of water.

Here are some of my favorite things to snack on during road trips:

–  No Bake Energy Bites
–  Apple Slices w/ peanut butter (I scoop out some peanut butter and put it in a small tupperware container to make it easier to handle on the road)
–  Trail Mix
–  Dried Apricots
–  Luna Bars or Kind Bars

Before the wedding on Saturday, Ray and I woke up feeling restless. We had spent the majority of the previous day sitting in the car and before that we had both been sick with a cold, so our eating and work out schedules were all messed up.  We had some time to kill before we had to help setup for the wedding and the weather was great so we decided to go for a hike. Cooper, Ray, Dan (Ray’s Dad), and I went for a 3 mile hike and it felt great to get my body moving and to work up a sweat.

Some of my favorite ways to incorporate exercise when I travel is to go for a hike, walk, or a run because they are great ways to work up a sweat while enjoying and exploring my new surroundings.  After our hike, we headed over to the wedding venue to help setup. Ray, Dan, & Matt (Ray’s brother) were in charge of decorating the tables and putting up lights around the dance floor while Megan (Matt’s wife) and I decorated the arch at the ceremony site.

Here are some fun pictures from the wedding.


Ray and I before the wedding…all dressed up!


Me giving a reading during the ceremony


It is official, Wendy and Hunter are married (notice the lovely arch that I helped decorate ;-))


Leaving the ceremony as husband and wife!


Ray and I with Matt and Megan


Wendy and Hunter had a gelato bar instead of cake. This is their version of cutting the cake.

The wedding was wonderful. It was great to see all of the fun details and ideas that I have heard Wendy and Nancy (Ray’s Mom) talk about over the last year come to life.


One thought on “Road Trip to Arizona

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