Learning to Surf- Part 2

This past Sunday Ray, Cooper and I had a relaxing morning at home. Ray has a lot of travel coming up for work and with the holidays right around the corner we needed to sit down and organize our schedules.  Ray and I enjoyed some coffee and banana oatmeal during our schedule/holiday planning session, which totally hit the spot. I love coffee and oatmeal in the mornings!

Ray and I never mastered how to share our calendars electronically or keep each other in the loop with our plans by sending one another calendar invites. We both use electronic calendars at work to organize our schedules, but for some reason we could never extend it to our social lives. The only way that Ray and I consistently keep each other in the loop about travel and events is when we use an actual calendar. I prefer to actually write out our schedules and be able to flip through the pages to see what we have going on in the upcoming months. Our calendar hangs in the kitchen by the fridge, which makes it easy to update and for us to see throughout the day. While Ray and I were chatting about our schedules and making holiday plans Cooper curled up next to me and fell asleep. I guess we were boring him! sunday morning breakfast

sunday morning breakfast 2I was thoroughly enjoying our relaxing morning at home until Cooper went outside and got muddy and wandered back into the house. He jumped all over the couch before we had a chance to catch him.  dog print on couchOh the joys of having a puppy! Ray and I coaxed Cooper outside so I could clean him up and Ray tackled cleaning the couch. Luckily, we were able to get the stains out of the couch so no permanent damage was done.

The weather was awesome in San Diego on Sunday so Ray and I decided to head back to La Jolla Shores and go surfing. The conditions were much better than the last time we went surfing because the waves were smaller and there was little to no wind.  This time around I felt more confident on the board and had an easier time balancing and paddling. I was even able to sit on the board and practiced turning around to get into position to catch a wave.

I concentrated on balancing my weight more equally between my right and left side and controlling the board by shifting my weight. I was able to paddle into a few waves on my own and I was consistently able to get up and stand on the board. I still didn’t manage to stand on the board for very long, but maybe next time. Now I just need to work on getting my feet in the right position and balancing.  I still took some nasty spills in the water and get tumbled around in the white wash, but I didn’t let my fear of falling off the board or looking like an idiot scare me. I concentrated on what I needed to do and went for it.

From my last surf session I learned:

  • you must have strong strokes and paddle hard
  • it is key to have equal pressure between your right and left side
  • moving your torso up away from the board helps you control the board
  • you need to wait to feel the wave catch you before trying to move into a standing position

Ray and I were in the water together for about an hour before I headed in (by that point my arms were exhausted).  Ray took my board out and surfed for another 40 minutes while I sat on the beach and hung out. It was such a great day outside and the beach was packed with people. It was nice to sit on the beach and feel the sun on my face and the sand on my toes while I people watched. It is days like last Sunday that makes me appreciate the simple things in life – like being outside on a beautiful day, hanging out with my husband, and continuing my quest to learn how to surf.


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