Flawed & Fabulous

Last Saturday my friend, Julia, and I took a Hot Power Fusion class at CorePower Yoga in Mission Valley.  The instructor, Viktoria, was awesome and told us some funny stories and inspiring quotes throughout the class. One of the things that Viktoria said was, “you need to learn to love yourself including your flaws because flaws are what make us human and who says you can’t be flawed and fabulous.”

What she said really resonated with me and was the inspiration for this post. Looking back on the last two weeks I  have had some epic fails and some great accomplishments.

Epic Fails

Last Thursday Ray went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make chicken sausage hotdogs and roasted brussels sprouts. By the time we got home from work I was too exhausted to cook the brussels sprouts, which was my only responsibility for dinner. It took some time, but I convinced Ray that we should get burritos from Rubio’s instead of cooking. We unpacked the groceries that Ray had just bought for dinner, got take out, and sat on the couch and watched tv.

During a recent trip to the grocery store I almost lost my cell phone. I put it down when I was trying to choose an avocado and walked away without picking it back up. After I completed my grocery shopping, I went to grab my phone to make sure I had gotten everything on my list and realized I had no phone! I went into panic mode and started to sweat.  I walked though the store and visited all the places I had just been, but there was no sign of my phone. Luckily, a good Samaritan had picked my phone up and turned it into the lost and found and I got it back! Huge sigh of relief.

My running shoes have not been getting enough use lately! I didn’t meet my running goal for the Pile on the Miles Challenge last week.

Cooper also gets an epic fail. He stole scissors from the kitchen table and Ray found him walking around the living room with them in his mouth (luckily he was chewing the handle side). Ray and I are quickly learning that now that Cooper is bigger there are no safe places to hide things from him. Some how he is able to get into everything.

Cooper epic fail


Last Tuesday I pushed myself pretty hard during a strength training workout and mastered a new move: the reverse burpee. It is a lot harder than it looks! If you were like me and didn’t know there was such thing as a reverse burpee check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvLrGSoE9Pk.

Organizing our closest has been on my to-do list for over a month and last Sunday I finally did it. Our closet is pretty small so things can get messy quickly. I went through all of our clothes and cleared out the items we don’t wear anymore and straighten up the clothes we were keeping. Now I just need to make a trip to Goodwill to donate the items we don’t want anymore.

clean closet

Cooper made cleaning out the closet a little challenging. He kept stealing clothes and taking them in the living room to chew.

Cooper Closet

Since I didn’t run at all last week I wanted to make running a priority this week and on Monday I ran my fastest 5k. I ran it in 27 minutes and 10 seconds.

Besides making me reflect at some of my not so finer moments and some things I have accomplished lately, what Viktoria said also reminded me of some of the struggles I faced early on when I was trying to get back into shape. At first I was really hard on myself when I did not stick to my workout plan or when I gave into my unhealthy food cravings. However as my journey to lose weight and get back into shape continued, I discovered you have to give yourself a break and realized that every week is not going to be perfect. You will make mistakes and there will be times where you make no progress towards your goal or even go backwards. The important thing is to keep moving forward, not to get discouraged, and to focus on the progress you have made and the things you have accomplished. I found that once I stopped putting so much pressure on myself,  I started to relax and enjoy the process of getting back into shape instead of dreading it.


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