Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I hope you had a greet weekend! Mine was filled with a Friday date night at Craft & Commerce, a little exercise, Super Bowl, and lots of great food and drinks!

Yesterday, Ray and I hosted a Super Bowl party at our house.  Even though the game wasn’t too exciting to watch, it was still fun to see the commercials, hang out with our friends, and snack on great food.  I am glad I snuck in a little cardio and a Pilates class in the morning because we had quite the spread of food yesterday – tri-tip steak from Cardiff Seaside Market (which was out of this world), mac and cheese with mushrooms and spinach, pizza, hotdogs, chili cheese dip, spinach artichoke dip, homemade salsa, cheese and crackers, wings, and cookies. Not to mention beer and Moscow mules!  To be honest, I think I am more a fan of eating the food that goes with watching the Super Bowl than I am actually watching the game!

 I had a bit of a food coma after our party, which must have carried over to this morning because I had an extra hard time getting out of bed to get ready for work. I wasn’t the only one who struggled to get up this morning!

sleepy dog

I think Cooper must have also had a food coma from yesterday. I am pretty sure he got everyone at the party to give him some food from their plates as well as took care of any food that fell on the floor.

Sometimes you just need a little extra motivation or push to get yourself going. When I was trying to get back into shape, I cannot tell you how many times I said,  “I will start on Monday.” It took a lot of Mondays coming and going before I actually decided to make the commitment to get myself back in shape. Beyond just trying to lead a healthier life, it is always easy to say you are going to do something or even to start a new project/adventure, but actually doing it, sticking with it, and finishing it can be another story.

In honor of my “I will start on Mondays” attitude, and just in case, like me, you need a little extra motivation to work towards your goals, to keep your new year’s resolution, to finish that project you started, or to try something new, I will be posting some of my favorite quotes on Mondays.

I saw this quote on Pinterest this weekend and I thought it would be very fitting for my first Monday Motivation Quote.

Quote 1


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