Monday Motivation

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Valentine’s Day. Ray and I continued our Valentine’s Day tradition and had a great sushi dinner at home. This year we stepped it up a notch and made our own spicy mayo (so easy just mix 1 tablespoon of mayo with 1 teaspoon of Sriracha sauce) and chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas for dessert.

Here is another dose of Monday Motivation!

small changes quote

This quote is so true. It can be very frustrating when you don’t see a change in your body or the number you want on the scale, even though you are exercising and/or being mindful of your diet. It took me a few months of working out 4 to 5 days a week and making small changes to my diet to see any real results.  I might not have seen major changes in my body or a huge amount of weight loss those first few months, but I had lots of other important victories. For instance – I had more energy and confidence, my clothes felt like they fit better, and I was getting stronger.

Losing weight and getting back into shape is a process and takes time.  You have to put the time and the work in to get real results!

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