Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Here is another dose of Monday Motivation!

excuses quote

I used to be pretty good at making excuses for why I didn’t have time to exercise.  When I lived in Boston my go to excuses were – it is too cold outside or I missed my bus and it got too late to go.  When I first moved to California I didn’t have to depend on public transportation to get around and San Diego has great weather year round, so my top excuses for missing the gym no longer applied. Although I was easily able to come up with new excuses, I decided to spend less time finding excuses not to workout and just to go and do it.

A few of the easiest ways I incorporate exercise into my weekly routine are to take an exercise class, plan to meet a friend or Ray for a workout, or make an appointment to workout out my calendar. By scheduling my workouts (not always sure what I will do) makes me treat them like any other appointment on my calendar – one that shouldn’t be missed.

In the next month, I have some fun trips planned – San Francisco to celebrate a friend’s 30th b-day, Chicago to keep Ray company on a business trip, Malibu to go camping, and Scottsdale for a girls weekend with my college friends. With all of my upcoming travel I will have plenty of excuses of why I don’t have to time exercise. Even thought it will be harder, I am going to do my best to make exercise a priority and find the time in my schedule to fit my workouts.

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