Camping Adventure in Malibu

Last weekend Ray, Cooper and I headed to Malibu with some friends for a camping adventure at Leo Carrillo State Park. Leo Carrillo State Park is a really cool place to go camping because the campground is nice, the bathrooms are pretty clean (even have showers), it is dog friendly, and has lots to do (hiking trials and is across the street from an awesome beach).

Ray, two of our friends, Cooper and I drove up to Malibu early last Saturday morning to join four of our other friends who were already camping at Leo Carrillo . Given how much stuff you need to go camping our car was packed to the brim, which didn’t leave much room for Cooper. Luckily, Cooper found a good place to cuddle up for the car ride on my lap. About 20 minutes away from Leo Carrillo State Park there is a nice shopping center with a grocery store, which we stopped at to pick up our groceries and firewood for the weekend. Since the car was already packed full the only places that we could fit the grocery bags were on our laps and at our feet.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a long drive from the store to the campground because the car was a little claustrophobic.

camping photo 1

The first time Ray and I ever went camping we planned the trip with our friends at the last-minute and we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare or any of the gear we needed. Ray and I ended up running to Walmart at 10:00pm the night before we were supposed to leave in order to buy everything we needed for our camping trip. There was limited options for tents and we ended up buying one that came in the smallest bag. The package of the tent said it was for two people and that it was over 6ft long. The package totally lied. Ray and I could barely sit next to each other inside the tent let alone lay down in it. It was so small. Luckily, some of our friends had an extra tent that we borrowed for the trip.

small tent

Since our first camping adventure, Ray and I have slowly purchased new camping gear that actually fits us. Last year we bought the Kelty Salida two person tent from REI, which we love. The tent doesn’t weigh much (which is a bonus for backpacking trips), is easy to put together/take down, and is roomy. The tent comfortably fits Ray, Cooper and I.

camping photo 2

After we got to the campground, we ate lunch and then headed right over to the beach to hang out in the sun and to do a little surfing. I didn’t surf on this trip because the waves were a little big for me and I didn’t have a wet suit. We couldn’t have asked for better beach weather. It was in the 80s and clear skies.

camping photo 6

One of the other great things about Leo Carrillo State Park is that there is a large section of the beach that allows dogs on it as long as they are on a leash. Cooper was happy to be able to hang out on the beach with us and spent most of the afternoon napping under the umbrella in the shade and digging in the sand.

camping photo 4

After we got our fill of sun, our group headed back to our camp spot to unpack the car and setup camp. We reserved two spots for 9 people and we had lots of room to spread out.

camping photo 8

camping photo 3

Ray snapped a cute picture of my friend, Laura, and I. Laura and I both have a love of playing cards and spent a lot of our time playing Gin Rummy and we even recruited our friend, Astrid, to play Rummy 500.

camping photo 9

We setup a little area for Cooper to hang out by the group. Ray and I didn’t trust him off leash because I am pretty sure he would have run around visiting other campers to see what food he could steal.

camping photo 5

camping photo 7

We spent the rest of the night hanging out by the campfire. We had quite the feast – hot dogs, chicken, sausages, vegetables, corn, and baked potatoes. For dessert we had s’mores, no camping trip is complete without them!

The camping trip was a blast. It is always nice to disconnect from cell phones and technology and spend time outside with your friends. Cooper was pretty tuckered out from our camping adventure and when we got home on Sunday afternoon he spent the rest of the day recovering on the couch.

cooper sleep after camping

Ray and I weren’t quite as tuckered out as Cooper and decided to head to Tourmaline beach so that Ray could surf with a buddy and I could go for a run along the PB boardwalk. When I got done with my run I found Ray with his foot taped up. While he was surfing he had to bail off a wave in order to avoid running into someone and during the process the fin on his board cut his foot.  Not a great ending to our weekend! I guess we should have stayed home with Cooper and been lazy on the couch.


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