Shake Up Your Cardio Workout

Happy Monday! Not sure about you, but Cooper and I had a tough time getting out of bed this morning.

photo 2

He wasn’t very happy when I started to stir. Those eyes were begging for 10 more minutes of sleep!

photo 1

I would have loved to stay in bed this morning and cuddle with the covers for 10 more minutes, but I had a busy day of work ahead of me so I needed to get up. Since I was struggling to get going today, I decided to treat myself to one of my favorite breakfasts, an acai bowl and ice coffee from Brick & Bell.

Brick & Bell has the best acai bowl and it is my favorite place to get one in San Diego. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

9.29.14 breakfast

I won’t be working out today because Ray and I have a special date night planned to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary!

However, I did the below cardio workout from Tone It Up last Monday and loved it. The workout was fun, challenging, and went by really fast. My legs felt like jello by the end of it.

Untitled 3

I still can’t believe that Ray and I have been married for 2 years.

0435_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

It felt like just yesterday that we were exchanging vows in front of our families and friends.

0207_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

As a wedding gift, Ray gave me a framed photograph that shows the view from the beach where he proposed. I love the photo and every time I walk by it I can’t help but smile.

9.29.14 photo

Since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, Ray and I bought some of our favorite photos from our wedding and had them framed last year.

It is a good thing that the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton because from the looks of things Ray is in need of some new socks.

photo 5

Cooper strikes again!


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