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Some Mondays I dread more than others. It is always hard to get back into the work week after a fun weekend, but I was particularly not looking forward to today because I had been summoned for jury duty. Until today I have never had to report for jury duty, but from what I gathered by talking to those who had, it didn’t sound like a fun experience. I was at the Hall of Justice bright and early this morning armed with two books and my computer to help keep me busy and entertained while I waited to see if I would be selected for a jury.

While I was serving my jury duty, I spent some time searching for a quote to use for this weeks Monday Motivation and during my search I stumbled upon this quote:

Dont reward yourself with food quote

I started laughing as soon as I saw it because I do this all of the time.

Run 6 miles and enjoy a huge plate of french toast from Cody’s La Jolla (which, by the way is the best french toast I have ever had).

french toast

Go for a hike and enjoy a large ice coffee with vanilla powder from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

ice coffee

Complete a strength training workout and enjoy a bagel and cream cheese with bacon (this also happens to be my cure for hangovers).


And I can go on and on. To be honest, sometimes when I have a reward in mind it helps motivate me to push through a challenging workout or is my incentive to do something active on the weekends instead of sitting on the couch. Although I think the quote is funny, it is something that I obviously don’t follow in my own life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with rewarding yourself with food as long as you are thoughtful about it. The key is to find a balance and strategy that works for you.

The first time I trained for a half marathon I used food as my rewards for completing runs a little too often, which I think was the culprit for why I gained a few pounds while I trained. This time around I am still using food as rewards during my training for the La Jolla Half Marathon, but only for completing  long runs and I am incorporating other types of rewards in as well.

Like getting a pedicure.

pedicure photo

Or treating myself to a Stitch Fix…check out my cute leggings from a recent fix.leggings


Sometimes my reward for working out hard or challenging myself is just knowing that I pushed myself and I made it through. Last Saturday Ray and I ran 9.5 miles and I completed it in one hour and thirty minutes, which is an awesome pace for me. We ran the middle part of the La Jolla Half Marathon course, which included the Torrey Pines Monster Hill (~1 mile at a constant 10% grade – and this is just one of the hills featured in the La Jolla Half Marathon).

This is a picture of the start of the Monster.

Torrey Pines Hill

When I finished I couldn’t help but think about how far we had actually run and how far I have come since we first started training. Just the idea of running up the Torrey Pines Monster Hill made me nervous and was enough of a reason for me not to do the race.  With a little time and work I have started to tame the Monster and I am feeling confident that I will be able to run the entire half marathon at my desired pace.

warm up quote

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Monday Motivation

This weekend I was in Phoenix for a girls weekend with my good college friends. I am still catching up from being gone and have to go LA this week for work.  Tomorrow I will post some fun photos of my trip to Phoenix and a few of my favorite workout routines to do while I am traveling.

Here is this week’s Monday Motivation.


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Monday Motivation & 2014 Fitness Goals

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My weekend was pretty low-key, which I was very excited about since Ray and I have been out-of-town a lot lately. Yesterday, the weather felt more like summer than early spring in San Diego. Ray and I took a spin class in the morning, spent the afternoon at the beach, and ended the day at friend’s house for a BBQ. It was the perfect Sunday.

All of the nice weather and sunshine made it especially hard to switch my brain into work mode today. Luckily, I was still able to finish up my work on time and make it home in time to take Cooper for a walk with Ray and watch the sunset.

For the next few weeks my workout routine is going to be a little different from what I am used to and is going to be focused on running.  Last year at Christmas time Ray, Matt (Ray’s brother), and I talked about running a half marathon together in the spring. The three of us spent some time looking at different options that would work with our schedules, would be easy to travel to, and that would have a pretty running route.

One of the only races that worked with all of our schedules and that would give us enough time to train was the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 27, 2014. I was pretty hesitant to sign up for the race because the course is pretty challenging.

Check out the course’s elevation map!

half hills map

The three of us signed up in early February before we could talk ourselves out of it.

half marathon

Up until now my fitness routine has not changed that much. Ray and I have incorporated a few shorter runs ( 3 to 4 miles) in during the week and have been running longer runs (5 to 6.5 miles) over the weekend. The race is not that far away and I really need to start focusing on training for the half marathon. My goal is to complete the race in under 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I think it is important to have fitness goals to work towards, especially goals that push you outside of your comfort zone.  Having and working toward a fitness goal was one of the tools I used to keep me motivated while I was trying to get back into shape and has been instrumental in maintaining my current weight and fitness level.

Last year, my fitness goal was to become strong enough to do one unassisted pull up (or chin up).  Sadly, I have not achieved this fitness goal yet, but I am not giving up!

My fitness goals in 2014 are to tackle the hills of the La Jolla Half Marathon course and complete one unassisted pull up (or chin up).

Fitness Goals Quote

What are some fitness goals that you are working towards this year?

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Weddings & Fitness Goals

Weddings seem to be all around me, which is fine by me. I love weddings!

A few weeks ago we went to Ray’s sister’s wedding and last Friday one of my friends, Jaclyn, asked me to go to with her to look at wedding dresses. Jaclyn and I went to Isis Bridal, which is where I got my wedding dress. Isis Bridal is the best. They have a great selection and their customer service is top-notch. If you live in the San Diego area and are looking for a wedding dress you should definitely give Isis Bridal a try.

Isis 2


It was so fun to watch Jaclyn try on wedding dresses. She is going to be a beautiful bride and I can’t wait to see what dress she picks.

After bridal dress shopping, Jaclyn and I went to dinner at Searsucker in Del Mar. There were so many delicious dishes on the menu we couldn’t decide what to get so we ordered a bunch of small plates and split them. Sometimes when I go to a new restaurant I think sharing plates with your dinner date is a fun way to try out more of the menu without completely over stuffing yourself. While we were at dinner Jaclyn surprised me and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, which I gladly accepted! Jaclyn was one of the first friends I made when I moved to San Diego from Boston. We always have a great time together and I am excited to be able to help her plan and celebrate her wedding!

Lately, I have been reminiscing about my own wedding. Maybe it was going to Ray’s sister’s wedding last weekend, or watching Jaclyn try on dresses, or because I recently went through all of our wedding photos and printed my favorite ones (yes, it took me almost a year to order photos). Whatever the cause of my recent stroll down memory lane, I thought it could be fun to share some of favorite wedding photos.

Ray and I got married in Monterey, California at the The Clement Monterey on September 29, 2012.  Our wedding day was wonderful and filled with so many great memories.

Getting Ready

0039_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0032_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0145_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

Ray and his groomsmen getting ready (looks to me…more like drinking and eating)

0080_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

Us at the ceremony site before guests started arriving. We saw each other before the wedding and I am glad we did. It was nice to have a moment that was just between us.

0337_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

My mom (Kim) and my brother (Sam) walking down the aisle

0513_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

 I was a little nervous before walking down the aisle and my dad (Alan) said something to make me laugh.

0531_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

The ceremony

0564_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0547_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

My bridesmaids, Kristie, Amanda, Kirby and Jen (from left to right). I had so much fun with these ladies. They kept me laughing and relaxed all day!  A girl couldn’t have better friends.

0222_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

 My family

0389_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

Ray’s family

0350_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

Some fun photos

0201_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0271_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0341_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0671_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0737_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0733_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

The reception

0414_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

0421_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

  Ray feeding me cake!

0883_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

Our first dance as husband and wife!

0902_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY

Dancing the night away

1061_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY
My wedding was a huge inspiration and motivation to get myself back into shape. Even though my wedding is over, I am happy that I have continued to make exercise and healthy eating habits a part of my daily routine.  After I achieved my goal of getting into shape for my wedding, I decided to come up with a new fitness goal to keep me motivated. My fitness goal this year was to do an unassisted pull-up. I am still working on it, but getting close. Having a fitness goal is a great way to challenge yourself and can help give you the extra push to exercise a little harder.

My wedding vendors (they were all fabulous)
wedding coordinator // Events by Satra
florist // Flor de Monterey
hair // Brooke Dixon