A Walk with Cooper

I hate being sick and this past weekend I came down with a nasty cold. I don’t even remember the last time I was sick, but whatever I caught has had me down for the count for the last few days.  Ray and I traveled two weekends in a row, which I think might be part of the reason I got sick. The first weekend we went to Northern California and then we traveled to Boston to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.

Ray had a work conference that started on Sunday 9/29/2013 in Boston, which also happened to be the date of our one year wedding anniversary.  Ray and I used to live in Boston so we thought it would be fun to go a few days before Ray’s conference to celebrate our first year of marriage. We had a wonderful time in Boston and we lucked out with the weather. We had the perfect fall weather – it was warm and sunny, but the air was crisp.

We spent a lot of time walking around Boston and Cambridge, visiting  our favorite spots and restaurants and seeing friends and family. Some of the leaves had even started to change colors, which was awesome to see. When we lived in Boston I loved watching the leaves turn from green to the vibrant fall colors – red, orange and yellow. It always mad me sad when a storm moved in and caused all of the leaves to fall off the trees. Even though we couldn’t spend all of actual anniversary together, I was glad that we were able to get away from our normal routine and spend a few days in Boston together.

Ray got home from Boston last Wednesday, on Thursday he woke up with a cold, and on Saturday I woke up not feeling so great.  I did my best to fight getting sick – I took it easy, got plenty of sleep, and even got a Jamba Juice full of vitamins. IMG_1346 However, my efforts failed because on Sunday I woke up with a full blown cold. I had already been feeling pretty lazy since I got home from Boston and this cold has not helped metters. I have pretty much been lounging on the couch watching shows I taped on my DVR. IMG_1357

After almost 5 days of laziness, I got home from work today and decided I need to shake myself out of it. Ray and I live near Windansea Beach in La Jolla, California and I love walking Cooper by the water.IMG_1363

The beach wasn’t crowded today, so we were able to walk along the water on the sand for a little bit.


After hanging on the beach for a little bit, Cooper and I continued on our walk.  We stopped occasionally to watch the surfers. Well, I watched the surfers


and Cooper watched the squirrels.IMG_1365

I swear the only thing Cooper likes more than hunting for squirrels is his bones. On a side note,  Cooper loves to bury his bones in the backyard, let them sit for a few weeks, dig them up, and chew on them.


IMG_1269We walked at a leisurely pace for about 45 minutes.


IMG_1368Even though I was pretty tired after my walk it felt good to get my body moving again and get some fresh air.  Hopefully with another good night sleep and some medicine, I will be better by tomorrow. I need to get better  before this weekend because Ray and I are going to Phoenix for his sister’s wedding!