The Benefits of Walking

With the holidays around the corner trying to balance work, getting ready for Christmas, and taking care of Cooper (since Ray is traveling so much) has left me very little time to workout. In order to still fit some exercise into my schedule I have been taking Cooper on lots of walks. Walking might not seem like tough exercise, but you would be surprised at what a difference those extra steps can make.

According to the American Heart Association, besides burning calories and being easier on your joints than running, walking has a lot of other benefits.

  • Helps maintain your body weight and lower your risk of obesity
  • Improves mental well-being
  • Helps strengthen your bones and reduces your risk of losing bone density
  • Improves your blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Reduces your risk of breast and colon cancer and type 2 diabetes

Cooper and I have a few different walking routes that vary in length, but all of them range from a mile to a mile and a half long and include Windansea beach. Recently, I have been taking Cooper on two to three walks a day. In the morning, Cooper pretty much starts barking at his leash the moment I get out of bed and lately has been practically pulling me down the street.

cooper leash

I guess he is just as I excited as I am to get down to the beach. I love walking along the beach because I can watch the surfers and the waves whereas Cooper only cares about watching the squirrels. Here are some pictures from our recent walks at Windansea beach.

winansea 3

cooper walk 3

windansea 2

Those black dots in the water are surfers. I am always amazed at how many surfers there are in the morning. It must be so cold in the water!

windansea 1

windansea sunset 3

windansea sunset 1

Sometimes while we are on our walks Cooper will just plop down and refuse to move. He can be such a goofball!

cooper walk grass

cooper walk grass 2

cooper walk wallAs you can probably tell I love walking at Windansea beach and look forward to my walks with Cooper there every day. Some of my other favorite places to go for a walk in San Diego are

  • Balboa Park
  • Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
  • La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Seal Beach area
  • Walking/ bike path from Pacific Beach to Mission Beach

If you want to increase your calorie burn or kick your walking up a notch, check out these walking workout routines from

If you try any of the workouts from, let me know how you like them.